Sentences may be explicitly marked with SSML elements . In order to force a sentence break please use two dot signs: one to mark the abbreviation and 


av L Borin · Citerat av 4 — at word and sentence level, which can subsequently be used to derive statistics on editorial commentaries and word explanations, as well as an index.

Lv 6. 8 years ago. Favorite Answer. Here you are: 2020-08-14 · An index is a grouping of the combined values of stocks or securities that is used to track changes over time. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the best known US index of stocks.

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av K Aijmer · Citerat av 9 — conventionalized for example when väl is used in declarative sentences with the function of a suggestion or advice. Väl (and other modal particles) have also  How to use finance in a sentence. Det är viktigt för oss att de tjänster du använder Finans – Be om aktuella enskilda aktiekurser eller index, t. Finansiärer. se. On the Spot/Pay Now(Credit Card), both require a valid credit or debit card to be used when placing the order. Please note, we do not accept American Express  Sentence Examples To include an indexlisting the women writers under each category would have been extremely productive for further research.

The definition of an index is a guide, list or sign, or a number used to measure change.

$pos = array(); // Entry positions used for the search index later on. 48: echo $dict->checkSentence("wuld you plise concidder using another datta strukture").

For the purpose of choosing a value from a random cell we will use the INDEX function which returns a value from a table of range. The RANDBETWEEN function will provide a random cell number.

Index used in a sentence


🔊 The librarian keeps an alphabetical index that lists all of the novels that can be found on the first two shelves. 🔊 How to use Index in a sentence?

Index used in a sentence

1.2.6 Sentence adverbial (e.g. negation) When do you use the words ”att”, “när” and “om”?
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Index used in a sentence

Many ecphora species are important index 2019-08-04 Example of index being used in a sentence.To find what page it is on, look in the index.Example of index being used in a sentence.To find what page it is on, look in the index. Indexes are special lookup tables that the database search engine can use to speed up data retrieval.

View Index usage in sample sentences. The definition of an index is a guide, list or sign, or a number used to measure change. An example of an index is a list of employee names, addresses and phone numbers. An example of an index is a stock market index which is based on a standard set at a particular time.
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Index used in a sentence e after party
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How to use Great in a sentence as an adjective. When I stayed after class to ask you questions I was too shy to ask in class, or to just discuss the subject material in greater depth, youd answer in a very short, annoyed tone, as if you had more important things to do.

- Slader. May 31, 2013 The current performance is at a level similar to human annotation and it shows that machine learning can be used to automate the task of  index · noun, plural in·dex·es, in·di·ces [in-duh-seez].

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as sentence separator. The hashed index is used as the “text” (denoted T) for the suffix array. Index – markers 

99 examples: Parsimony-based fit indices for multiple-indicator models : do they work… 2019-08-04 · An index is a way of compiling one score from a variety of questions or statements that represents a belief, feeling, or attitude. Scales, on the other hand, measure levels of intensity at the variable level, like how much a person agrees or disagrees with a particular statement. noun indices, indexes 1 An alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc., with references to the places where they occur, typically found at the end of a book. ‘clear cross references supplemented by a thorough index’ Se hela listan på 2006-09-28 · I cite “common use” as how to use the language in order to communicate, since that is what words and sentences are for. Like indexes vs. indeces, (or those 2 spaces I like to put after my periods) there are rules that are evolving sometimes due to their context and sometimes due to the forces of nature. Se hela listan på Index definition, (in a nonfiction book, monograph, etc.) a more or less detailed alphabetical listing of names, places, and topics along with the numbers of the pages on which they are mentioned or discussed, usually included in or constituting the back matter.